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Someone might say that my life story is chaos and instability – but I see it as a foundation for curiosity, learning and listening. All the traits necessary for telling a good story.


I was a child that loved connecting to people.  My parents recall how as a toddler I would befriend strangers with a kiss. My family loved getting to know new people – everybody was a different and fascinating new somebody. I remember my Grandfather that would visit the country every now and then – a man of the world who had many friends, loved colorful clothes, art, history, parties and women.

I was born in New Zealand to my Israeli Mum and Kiwi Dad. Every few years they would pack us up and change continent, home, faith. We lived in Israel for a while as Jews. In England we grew as believing Christians until the community my parents established preferred institutionalized order and asked my parents to conform or leave. They preferred the freedom to continue searching. Once again we found ourselves alone and immigrating. We returned to New Zealand.

The time spent in Israel proved significant for me.  I returned alone as a lone soldier and met my future wife and mother to our five children. Here, in Israel, I found my vocation in music and film.
My family continues to be scattered around the globe and are still wandering. One day I will make a documentary film about us.


Everybody has a story.

Every place has a story.

In every story there are details, emotions, beliefs and events that make us into who we are. Often it seems that the stories are so fragmented that it’s impossible to weave them into an intelligible whole.
PORTRAIT is where the pieces come together into one clear picture – a picture that we look at again and again and listen to our story from a new angle.

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