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The non-Rapture of Art

The magic of art and entertainment and beauty is the rapture. No, not rapture, for that implies transcendence. It is the absorbed moment of total being in the moment. Where thought is suspended and pure immediate experience and connection and attention is present. It is non-transcendence. It is complete being - whether creating that art or consuming it.

That is the sublime and deep attachment of the human mind to art and entertainment. The spiritual quality of suspension of identity and time continuum. The suspension of disbelief. It blesses our life. In contrast to religion, in art we suspend disbelief, and then return. In religion it seems the suspension of disbelief (that we yearn for in the mystical experience) lingers indefinitely and we lose connection to reality. It can become a curse because we attach to it the label of truth. In blessing of art is that we are both carried away and totally engrossed. Therefore, in art there must be that momentary suspension of time, of ego, of that awareness of "me" or awareness of the fantasy.

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