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Ghost Directing

As I walked out one mid-autumn day…

For my fiftieth birthday, I received a wonderful gift from my wife to visit a real-life portrait painter - Smadar Katz. The experience of sitting for hours under her penetrating and compassionate gaze had a vulnerable intimacy to it. I sensed her extracting the essence of my very soul and laying it layer by layer of oil color on to the wooden board.

Following this once in a life time experience, I realized that this is exactly the process I go through with people that I make films for. I create their "video portrait."

I have been making films in various contexts for several years now.

I have made films for communities and organizations. For boys and girls reaching their bar / bat mitzvah. I have worked closely with people on the autistic spectrum and other special needs.

Each and every film was as unique as the person or community I accompanied.

But most of all, I discovered that the diversity of the films, each one an individual entity, reflected my particular characteristic as a filmmaker.

So, I have decided to venture out onto a new path and make this my livelihood.

As a filmmaker -or “ghost director” - I bring the personal and professional experience I have acquired along the way to help people - young and old - bring their story to the screen. A “Video Portrait”.

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